Simple Elegance
Simple Elegance

    Simple Elegance

    Send fresh white orchid to brighten anyone's day! This Phalaenopsis orchid proudly display pearly whites that bring vibrancy and life to any room or office space. Care of this delicate plant is easy! Spray or put small amount of water, you can also try to place one ice cube in the pot once a week. Keep in a cool place.


    Single Phalaenopsis Plant

    Additional information
    The picture shows an example of our bouquet with yours containing seasonal flowers similar in colour, texture and vibrancy – check out our Instagram feed for examples of our work!

    Substitution Policy

    Occasionally substitution of flowers may be used, due to the seasonal availability of certain flowers from time to time. In cases like this, we will always use the best match with the flower pictured, and make sure that what you have ordered is sent out to the highest standards, value, and equal to the photo shown.

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